Reflections of 2018

As another year is closing in, it is easy to get caught up in the hype of Christmas preparations and NYE party plans. With only three weeks to go Christmas decorations and festivities are prominent and front of mind for most of us who celebrate the occasion.

After returning to work once more in a hairdressing salon in the west not far from home, the salon is situated within a suburban shopping centre very close to where Santa and his Elves are welcoming children with songs, dances and high volume music! Needless to say it is all fun and very festive until you can barely hear your client during colour and cutting consultation due to the flurry of activity just outside! Hairdressing in December is chaotic enough without extra pressure, oh but it’s Christmas I hear you say đŸ™‚

Let there be no mistake, a well deserved break catching up with family and friends in Tasmania is keeping me motivated and inspired at the moment as I count down the days till I see their faces again.

About three weeks ago, I had another ‘triple check’ for a shadow found through routine 12 month ultrasound, this time on my left breast. After another nerve racking wait for the pathology of a core needle Biopsy – 10 day wait….The results were clear…..phew back to life – AGAIN….. đŸ™‚



On a much brighter note….

When you are a valued patient being cared for and treated for Breast Cancer at Western Health Victoria; this could happen to you too –


Something that will go down as one of the greatest nights of my life happened in 2018. I can also vouch for 11 other ladies that it was also one of the greatest nights in their lives as well.

On the 26th July, this year 12 recently diagnosed Breast Cancer patients that are treated through Western Health Sunshine Hospital, were asked to be models for the night and be partnered with an AFL Western Bulldogs player. The night was a fundraiser where all the money raised went into the Breast West Organisation that supports women in western Victoria that are affected by Cancer. The event is a Gala night known as ‘the night of nights’.

For the models, it was a fantastic experience, where we were pampered by having our hair and makeup done by talented freelance Hair and Makeup professionals. The makeup alone was spectacular, it turned our faces into catwalk models with the high quality Iridis cosmetics, as well as being dressed by Review and Once was. The best part of this experience was being able to keep one of the dresses that each of us girls modelled. To say that we were happy on the night would be an understatement. We were high on life, we were made to feel so special, so important and so valued that the feeling lasted well beyond that night and into the weeks that proceeded !

In closing, this last twelve months has been full of many life lessons and a time where I have taken stock over where I am at and where it is I wish to go. What I garnished from this year more than at any other time I can remember is; in life if something no longer brings joy it is time to let go, stand up and start moving in the direction that will make you happy.

Merry Christmas and Happy and Safe New year





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