Healthy mindset tips

Fake it till you make it –

‘Fake it till you make it!’ it’s so true, when you are having a low vibe day and everything is mounting up or multiple problems are starting to get you down. Whatever the reason, and let’s face it there can be many….Tell yourself that things aren’t too bad, put on your favourite clothes and splash some makeup on and walk out your front door. Doesn’t matter if you are only going to the shops to buy milk, picking your kids up after school or turning up to work even though it’s the last place you want to be. Just smile, act cool, calm and collected. The goal is to trick your mind into believing that everything is great, and pretty soon you might just catch yourself feeling amazing.

It’s ok not to be ok –

Practice self-love and be your own best friend. You know when your friends or family need cheering up and reminding how awesome they are, this is what you need to do for yourself too. You are only human and sometimes you just need to stop, take a break and allow yourself time and space to FEEL. Let it out it’s so healthy. Cry, scream, talk to your pet, vent your anguish and release the pressure as much as you can. There is no point hanging on or bottling it up, it will just build up and come out at a latter date and a well meaning friend may bear the brunt of it. Just remember that tomorrow is another day, and sometimes just going to bed and putting the day behind you allows a reset.

Surround yourself with inspirational people –

Find your tribe, clan or the people that just get you…The world has millions of people in it, you will meet plenty of them that want to bring you down. Forget them and stick with the ones that inspire you to be the best version of yourself. The ones that listen, understand and offer you their attention and support. You often get a feeling or know instinctively who you want to be around at certain times in your life. Particularly when you have been fighting battles with your health, that is draining in itself, so the best thing for you is to find the people that uplift your spirits and leave you better than when they found you. There are many people that inspire me, some I tell and some I don’t but each one offers something unique and special and something to be admired for.

Never give up –

One of my favourite sayings I use when there doesn’t seem to be any solutions to the problems is; ‘there is more than one way to skin a cat’ (apologies to those feline lovers out there….People that know me well already know how I feel about cats…). No matter how bad you are feeling about something know that all things are temporary and eventually it will pass…So just Keep going. Resilience is a great attribute to have, and something that shows your strength in character. Going through a Breast Cancer diagnosis and treatment its tough, it tests your reserves and forces you to dig deeply to find your inner strength. When you have found it and look back on those hard times you realise how far you have come and just how tough you were to make it through. ‘You never know how strong you are until your only option is to be strong.’

Focus on living healthy and the best version of you –

Take time to slowdown and work on yourself. Now is the best time to take note of what foods you are eating, and how they are effecting your state of mind. It is commonly known through media and other sources that a diet that is well balanced with fresh fruit and vegetables, and one that contains less red meat is preferable to maintain optimal physical and mental health. Balancing this with exercise has been recommended as part of the treatment for Breast Cancer survivors. It helps to strengthen you up after chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as well as helping the bodies Lymphatic system drain of the toxins. Do as much as you can comfortably to start with, and build upon that. The benefits of eating well and exercising have an enormous effect on your mental health and wellbeing. By staying positive you are more likely to stay on top of things as well as regaining a sense of equilibrium back into your life.


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